You Could’ve Heard A Pin Drop

Standing in the shadows of the 70th anniversary of D-Day … and mindful of the upcoming funeral the next day of three members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) who made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting their community, a moment of quiet reflection was observed at the beginning of the election debate hosted by the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce (FCC) at Waterdown District High School (WDHS) on Monday evening.

Even with 225-250 people in attendance, the WDHS cafeteria fell totally silent. You ‘could have heard a pin drop.’ It was a sobering reminder of the high cost of democracy.

But then the debate started … and so did the fireworks.

The FCC invited the candidates representing parties who currently hold seats in the Ontario Legislature to participate. Alex Johnstone (NDP), Ted McMeekin (Liberal) and Donna Skelly (Progressive Conservative) addressed about 30 questions. The FCC also offered a 2-minute timeslot for other candidates to introduce themselves, their parties and their platforms. Only Glenn Langton (Libertarian) took advantage of the opportunity. The other candidates are Raymond Dartsch (Green Party) and Barry Spruce (Freedom Party).

You can read all about the debate by clicking HERE (Flamborough Review) or HERE (Hamilton Community News). Video coverage of the debate by CHCH television can be seen by clicking HERE. The entire debate was taped for later broadcast by TV Cogeco in Burlington.

The FCC extends its sincerest thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the debate, including the Flamborough Review, hamilton Community News (Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton Mountain and Stoney Creek), TV Cogeco, Waterdown BIA Manager Wilf Arndt (photographer), Jason Small and his team from the Community Church (sound system), the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board and WDHS (especially the janitorial staff).

In anticipation of the October 27 municipal election, the FCC will host another Election Debate on the evening of October 16, 2014. As usual, the entire community is invited to participate.

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