WSIB Protest

On Tuesday evening, FCC Executive Director Arend Kersten attended a meeting at the Copetown Community Centre where changes to Bill 119 was the focus of attention. Despite the short notice, some 150 people attended.

Recent changes by the WSIB requires employers to now start paying WSIB premiums. Critics call the move a ‘tax grab’ to help cover some $14 billion in unfunded WSIB liabilities. One speaker said that his monthly WSIB premium will be over $400 – which only covers him while on the worksite. The same speaker says he currently has 24/7 insurance coverage for about $40 per month.

The Ontario Liberal government says the new rules will help fight the ‘underground economy’ (estimated to be worth billions of dollars annually). But critics counter by claiming that the new WSIB premiums will only expand the underground economy.

To share their concern with the broader community, a ‘peaceful protest’ is scheduled for next Tuesday, February 12 between 10 a.m. and noon at the corner of Bay Street South and King Street West in Hamilton (Jackson Square/Standard Life).

Arend is consulting with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) on this issue and plans to attend the rally next Tuesday. Stay tuned!!

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