Trailer For Sale …

In the interests of full disclosure, we need to tell you that the FCC and the RCW split the proceeds of the Flamborough Open on a 50/50 basis. EXCEPT when it comes to the live auction.

In addition to a great golf course and a post-tournament meal ‘to die for,’ the 2014 Flamborough Open will once again hold a live auction led by the legendary Jim McCartney. His ‘performance’ is truly worth the cost to register.

Both the FCC and the RCW get the full proceeds of whatever items they bring to the 6-8 item live auction. Historically, the RCW has fared better than the FCC when it comes to the proceeds live auction.

Because of the outstanding generosity of the Joseph Vanden Hurk of Miska/JDJ Trailers, a trailer has again been donated to the FCC for the live auction. If you are unable to join us for the tournament, you are most welcome to join us for supper. That way you can participate in the auction.

If you can make a substantial donation to the FCC (say a week at a vacation home) that can be auctioned off, please contact the FCC.

Also, if you would like to make a contribution to our ‘goodie bag’ (ie: like a coupon), please contact us.

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