The FCC And ‘Big Boxes’

For the past number of months, the FCC and the Waterdown Business Improvement Area (WBIA) have been considering how to respond to an application by the Flamborough Power Centre to remove the minimum square footage restriction on all the big box properties at Clappison’s Corners. The FCC and the WBIA successfully convinced the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB – the supreme court of planning decisions) several years ago to impose a 5,000 square feet minimum square footage (in order to cushion the anticipated blow to downtown Waterdown businesses) on the northeast quadrant of the complex.

After extensive meetings and consultations, the FCC Board of Directors adopted the following formal position at its most recent meeting:

  • Maintain a 4,000 square foot restriction on retail spaces (down from the current 5,000 square feet)
  • Apply the 4,000 square foot restriction on ALL ‘big box’ lands (and not just the northeast quadrant)
  • Maintain the 4,000 square foot restriction for a period of 10 years after the enabling bylaw is adopted
  • That smaller stores with a minimum size of 1,000 square feet be permitted without a time restriction based on a ratio of 20% of new ‘big box’ stores constructed and occupied.
  • At his expense, the developer will provide a sign of substantial size directing shoppers to the WBIA
  • That the developer will provide commitments to within two years:
    • Construct a bridge over Borer’s Creek
    • Extend Clappison Avenue across Borer’s Creek to Parkside Drive
    • Provide municipal services to the industrial lands between Borer’s Creek and Parkside Drive

The FCC and the WBIA will monitor the application – and participate as required – as it goes through the approvals process. Stay tuned!!

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