The city is offering one FINAL opportunity for existing rural landscapers located in Wards 12 (Ancaster) and 14 and 15 (Flamborough) that are impacted by the new Rural Zoning Bylaw to apply for a site specific exemption.

The ABSOLUTE deadline for applying is August 30, 2015.

Those who do not apply on or before August 30 and who are subsequently found to be in contravention of the Rural Zoning Bylaw will be required to go through a formal rezoning application – usually a lengthy and expensive proposition with no guarantees on the outcome.

To be considered for an exemption, rural landscapers had to be in business before March 31, 2015. The information the city requires is: contact name; business name; business address; when the business was established; contact information; and a business card. To apply for the site specific exemption, please contact Diana Yakhni (diana.yakhni@hamilton.ca).

The requests for an exemption will be considered by the Planning Committee at its meeting on October 6, 2015. Any decision the Planning Committee makes will subsequently need to be ratified by the entire Council.

As the saying goes … ‘SPEAK NOW … OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.’

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