Smiling The Dark

Why do you think fast food restaurants, large retailers, movie producers, car manufacturers and real estate brokers spend gazillions of dollars on advertising? Because it works!!

Every successful business owner knows that persistent advertising is a major cornerstone of corporate success. Or – to put it another way: Not advertising is a little like smiling in the dark; you know but nobody else does.

Why the unabashed plug for advertising? Well, time is running out to profile your business in the 2013 Flamborough Business Directory and Community Guide. Produced in partnership with the Flamborough Review and Flamborough Information and Community Services (FICS), the annual directory lists every member of the FCC and is distributed to over 14,500 local addresses.

Because it is so full of useful information, the directory has a long ‘shelf life’ as many Flamborough residents and businesses keep it in a handy location for future reference.

To include your business in this year’s directory, please contact the Flamborough Review as soon as possible.

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