At its regular monthly meeting yesterday, the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce (FCC) elected a pastor – Rev. Jason Small of the Flamborough Community Church – as its new president. Joining Jason as FCC BOD officers are Vice President Penny Gardiner (Hamilton Technology Centre and Economic Developers Association of Canada); Secretary Ron Graham (Lafarge Canada); and. Treasurer Graham Flint (FORCE – Friends Of Rural Communities and the Environment). The other members of the FCC BOD are Hal Bushey (Hal Bushey Consulting); Teresa Luckanuck (Spoiled Rotten Pet Services); Wendy Martin (Sutton About Town Real Estate);  Greg Tremble (OLG Slots @ Flamboro Downs); and, Wendy Wasylowich (Flamboro Downs).

Jason replaces Hal Bushey who has ‘gone above and beyond’ by serving two (instead of the usual single) 1-year terms as the FCC president. During his tenure, Hal was instrumental in reviewing and updating the FCC By-Laws (approved by the FCC at its  Annual General Meeting – AGM – in September). The revised FCC By-Laws recognizes the BOD as a ‘policy’ Board (as opposed to a ‘management’ Board). The changes also (a) reduces the number of members of the FCC BOD (from 10 to nine); (b) sees members of the FCC BOD eligible to serve two consecutive 3-year terms (instead of two consecutive 2-year terms); and, (c) adopt a regular turnover schedule that will see one or two new faces on the FCC BOD every year.

With no connection to what is usually considered the ‘corporate world,’ the FCC BOD feels that ‘running a church’ (as Jason does) is much ‘like running a business’ which qualifies him to be the new president. Since moving to Flamborough over a decade ago with his wife and children, Jason has ‘lived’ the name of his church and has become involved in many community activities.

To see a picture of the new officers please click HERE (From left: Graham Flint, Penny Gardiner and Jason Small with outgoing President Hal Bushey. Secretary Ron Graham had to leave early to attend another meeting and was absent when the picture was taken):

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