Yesterday, Flamborough Chamber of Commerce (FCC) Executive Director Arend Kersten met with senior officials at Hamilton city hall to discuss further the city’s response to the submission and recommendations the FCC made to the ‘Open For Business‘ committee.

For the (ever-cynical) Arend, it was a ‘good news, bad news’ meeting.

The ‘good news’ is that city staff seem genuinely committed to placing a higher priority on ‘customer service.’ The ‘bad news’ is that the city will continue its by-law enforcement while the FCC recommendations on addressing issues related to home-based and rural businesses remain in limbo. Arend encouraged the city to address the issues related to home-based and rural businesses as a separate item. There was even some discussion about the FCC organizing and hosting a public meeting where attendees can hear the city’s perspective while sharing their ‘red tape horror’ experiences.

The city will formally address the FCC submission and recommendations in a letter. Once the FCC receives the letter, it will be shared with all our members.
Stay tuned!!

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