Our wonderful partners at Westjet have once again provided two complimentary tickets for ANYWHEREthat Westjet flies IN NORTH AMERICA.
At the Outstanding Business Achievement (OBA) awards gala on Friday, March 27 at the African Lion Safari, one lucky attendee will go home with the two complimentary (as in FREE) Westjet tickets. At the beginning of the evening, one finalist will be chosen in a mini-draw at EACH table. At the end of the evening – using a ‘reverse draw’ (last ticket pulled wins) – one of the finalists will win the tickets. The ‘odds’ of winning the Westjet tickets are great – one in about 200 (or one in 100 couples). Where will you go if you win?We are very happy – and grateful – to report that ticket sales are going very well. As a matter of fact, we are starting to tickle ‘sold out’ territory. If you want to join us – and to avoid disappointment – we urge you to register as soon as possible on our website.
However, we still need some corporate sponsors. If you are able to assist in this area, please do so. Find out more about OBA Sponsorship

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