Five guiding principles that should inform the next federal government’s economic strategy for Ontario

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) has released its federal election platform, In Focus: Federal Priorities for the Ontario Economy. The platform outlines the key policy pledges that the OCC believes each federal party should commit to in order to improve Ontario’s business climate and drive economic growth.

This platform is a foundational piece that will inform a report set for release on Tuesday, October 6 which will evaluate the federal party platforms based on their responsiveness to the five In Focus key priorities.

The five guiding principles are:

– Federal policy should aim to fix the fiscal framework to enable greater re-investment of the wealth generated in Ontario into its workforce and productive capacity.
– In all intergovernmental relations, cooperation and policy harmonization should be paramount.
– Federal policy should seek to make Canada and Ontario a global destination of choice for foreign investment.
– Federal policy should champion Ontario’s competitive advantages.
– The government should act in a fiscally responsible manner.

The entire report can be found by clicking HERE.

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