The FCC is delighted to host a Business Roundtable at the Harry Howell Arena starting at 11:45 a.m NEXT WEDNESDAY (October 28). A light lunch will be served. The program will include two separate parts.

First, Flamborough-Glanbrook MP-Elect David Sweet will share his thoughts on Monday’s election results. What does the majority government of Liberal Prime Minister-Elect Justin Trudeau mean for Canadians – and especially Canadian businesses? And what is the future of the Conservative Party now that former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced his intention to step down as leader?

The conversation with MP Sweet will be followed by a presentation by Enbridge. A good friend of the FCC, Enbridge recently received final approval to ‘reverse’ the flow of Line 9 from Westover to Montreal. However, the focus of this presentation will be to replace the current Line 10 from Westover to Nanticoke. Several members of the FCC will be impacted by the move (such as the Flamborough Hills Golf Course and Copetown Woods). Join us to learn more about the project and the economic opportunities it provides to Flamborough businesses.

There is NO CHARGE to attend … and FCC members are encouraged to bring guests. To better prepare, PRE-REGISTRATION with the FCC is encouraged – preferably be return email.

We know this is short notice but the FCC couldn’t confirm the event until after the election complete with confirmation that the successful candidate would be able to attend.

Please join us!!


Representing the FCC on both the Open For Business Committee and the Government Relations Committee, FCC Executive Director Arend Kersten also takes a turn to provide a column for the monthly Hamilton Business magazine in the Hamilton Spectator.

His latest submission – which talks about some baby steps (but steps nevertheless) the city is taking to improve application processes – can be found by clicking HERE.


Continuing a long-standing tradition – and in collaboration with TV Cogeco and the Flamborough Review – the FCC organized and hosted an Election Debate prior to the October 19 federal election. It was the largest debate in Flamborough-Glanbrook during the campaign.

For complete coverage of the event by the Flamborough Review, please click HERE.


This past weekend, FCC Executive Director Arend Kersten represented the FCC at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC). The highlights at the AGM included two-day plenary sessions where over 300 delegates from across all of Canada considered, debated, amended and eventually voted on the 55 resolutions that had been submitted by local chambers of commerce/boards of trade. No less than 49 of the 55 resolutions were adopted by the required two-thirds majority to become official CCC policy.

You can read all about it by clicking HERE.



The FCC is passionately committed to being non-partisan – determined to work constructively with elected community champions at all levels (municipal, provincial and federal) regardless of their political stripes.

To see the congratulations the CCC sent to Prime Minister-Elect Justin Trudeau, please click HERE.

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