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Some years ago, the FCC Board of Directors (BOD) adopted a policy concerning member-to-member correspondence. It was decided that if a member (and only a member) wanted to send an email to other members, the FCC would do that for a fee of $99. Not-for-profit members of the FCC could do the same for a discounted rate of $49.

But from time to time, some FCC members are very involved in other very worthy not-for-profit organizations and charities … and the FCC office was frequently asked to help ‘spread the word.’ In light of those repeated requests, the FCC BOD adopted a new policy earlier this month. While the member-to-member email fees will remain in place, each edition of Members Only will conclude with a Community Calendar that will provide a link to additional information re not-for-profit/charity events that includes significant involvement by one or more of our members. There is no charge for this new service.

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