Changes Coming To The Big Boxes At Clappison’s?

As we indicated in the last Members Only, the FCC Board of Directors (BOD) met earlier this week with representatives of the Flamborough Power Centre to discuss proposed changes to the twin ‘big box’ complexes at Clappison’s Corners. Joining the BOD were Ward 15 Councillor Judi Partridge, her Administrative Assistant Alison Morrison as well as Executive Director Wilf Arndt and Treasurer Gary Titley of the Waterdown BIA. For some pictures taken at the meeting, please click HERE.

Arguing the ‘changing face of retail’ and the ‘lingering economic down turn’ the Flamborough Power Centre has submitted an application to Hamilton’s Planning Department asking that all restrictions at both complexes be removed. Some years ago, the FCC and WBIA together launched an ultimately successful appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) asking that no smaller retail stores be allowed at Clappison’s Corners in order to provide some protection for the existing retail core in the ‘olde’ Village of Waterdown. The proposed rezoning would eliminate these restrictions.

The FCC and the WBIA will both review the marketing and traffic studies prepared by consultants for the Flamborough Power Centre and then decide how to proceed. Stay tuned!!

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