Another ‘Win’ For ‘Flamborough’ … And The FCC

The final report of the commission appointed to review the boundaries of electoral ridings has been released. It recommends a new mostly rural riding that wraps around Hamilton from Waterdown to Winona. Another proposed riding would include Ancaster, Dundas and Westdale.

The commission recommends the new rural riding will be called ‘Flamborough-Glanbrook.’ It initially proposed calling the riding ‘Waterdown-Glanbrook’ but changed it to ‘Flamborough-Glanbrook’ after the FCC made a formal presentation arguing for the new name. The Flamborough Chamber of Commerce (FCC) pointed out that Waterdown is an important part of Flamborough – but also only one of 16 different different and distinct ‘settlement areas’ in Flamborough.

If ratified by the House of Commons, the new riding will maintain the name of ‘Flamborough’ at an official level at least for the time being.

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