This week, the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce (FCC) in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) released Vote Prosperity, a platform and campaign outlining the Ontario business community’s priorities for the upcoming 2018 provincial election. Vote Prosperity provides a series of proactive recommendations that all of Ontario’s political parties should adopt to ensure growth for the province’s economy.

In releasing the platform, the Ontario Chamber Network will strengthen the political narrative between now and the 2018 election. Vote Prosperity is based on four aspirational pillars for Ontario:

Strengthen Business Competitiveness: Rising input costs, especially those costs deriving from government regulation and policy, are the most common and acute concern of the business community in Ontario.
Foster Job Creation: A robust labour market consisting of good jobs is essential to prosperity for all Ontarians.
Build Healthy Communities: Building strong communities through adequate and affordable housing, sustainable health care, and good infrastructure also supports business prosperity and growth, which supports those communities.
Improve Government Accountability: Poor implementation of government initiatives can result in resource waste, political frustration and disruption for ordinary citizens, as demonstrated by a series of policy failures under governments of all political stripes.

“Ontario businesses have made it clear that the ever-rising costs of doing business from all levels of government has hindered their ability to prosper and grow,” said Karl Baldauf, OCC Vice President of Policy and Government Relations. “Our objective is to achieve coherent, comprehensive pro-growth policies from all political parties. Our recommendations provide a prosperous path forward because when you vote for prosperity, Ontario wins.”

The platform provides 18 unique recommendations that will help bolster Ontario’s long-term economic future, while also addressing the pressing issues Ontario currently faces. The entire Vote Prosperity document can be found on the OCC website CLICK HERE

Over the coming months, ahead of the 2018 election, the OCC, the FCC and the entire Ontario chamber network will be voicing the concerns and recommendations outlined in Vote Prosperity with political parties and local MPPs and  candidates.

Locally, the FCC will continue the tradition of organizing and hosting a community All Candidates debates during the campaign. Stay tuned!!